The Big Feed

From giraffes and gorillas to penguins and pandas, every animal is part of THE BIG FEED. This fascinating documentary takes you behind the enclosures, chronicling the challenges of feeding animals in the zoo.



Big Eaters
The Saint Louis Zoo caters to wide tastes, big bodies, and some huge appetites to match. From gorillas, hungry hippos, vultures, and an anaconda named J-Lo, the zoo has these big eaters covered.
Cycle Of Life
Think feeding your teenagers is tough? Try feeding a hungry pride of adolescent lions every day. The National Zoo cares for animals in all stages of life, including infant red pandas, and one of the most senior seals in the world. For all of them, good nutrition is essential to a healthy life.
Zoo keepers feed the minds of their hungry animals. Whether it's puzzles and piñatas, or honey tubes and herb gardens, food is the icing on the cake to prevent boredom.
Food is a family matter at the Saint Louis Zoo. From a multi-generation herd of elephants, to scrappy meerkat siblings, and a newborn tree kangaroo eating his first solid meal, it takes a village to make sure every family gets the nutrition they need.
Fierce Creatures
Keepers can’t let their guards down when it comes to feeding tigers, sun bears or rhinos – animals that have all adapted special weapons that make them ferocious hunters.
Green Cuisine
Talk about healthy appetites! The National Zoo keeps its animals well fed with farm-fresh bamboo and hay by growing its own – one of the only zoos in North America to go to this extreme. It’s a daily feat tending to hundreds of acres of crops but the zoo is committed to providing the best for its hungry herbivores, like the gorillas, bison and lemurs.
Hunger Games
Food isn’t just the key to healthy bodies. It’s used to challenge and entertain animals, both great and small. For otters, siamangs, and Sumatran tigers, playing with food is one of the most important ways to keep minds, paws and flippers busy and happy.
Moving In
A herd of Asian Elephants from the Calgary Zoo in Alberta is moving to the National Zoo in Washington D.C. They need to meet, greet, and eat with the elephants who already call the zoo home. That means a lot more food, and a lot more work. Do the zoo-keepers have what it takes to merge these two herds into one big, happy family?
The National Zoo is home to 3 Giant Pandas; Tian Tian, Mei Xiang and their 1 year-old cub Bao Bao. As they charm the public, dedicated staff work round the clock to keep them happy and healthy – be it growing their own bamboo or creating special treats. With just 1600 pandas left on the planet Bao Bao’s 1st birthday is a huge celebration, complete with a massive birthday cake and a crowd of excited well-wishers.
Picky Eaters
Some animals at the Saint Louis Zoo are picky eaters or have difficult diets. Find out how staff manage the nutritional needs of a special fennec fox, a giant anteater, a tower of giraffes and a gang of lemurs. No matter the nutritional needs and challenges, keepers have to keep up.
Room Service
Go behind the scenes at North America's largest zoo kitchen, where a team of personal chefs cater to some very picky customers including endangered orangutans, a pack of wolves, and a killer komodo dragon. The kitchen has to serve up just the right dish for each and every one of them.
Critically engendered orangutans, cheetah, and painted dogs - when you're feeding animals teetering on the brink of extinction, every bite counts.
Water Dwellers
Keepers dole out buckets of fresh fish for their sea lions and penguins, and a bouquet of veggies for their century old tortoises. Good nutrition keeps these water dwellers healthy and active, whether they swim, dip or dive.