Monkey Thieves

Jaipur, India, is home to the most riotous, unruly and lawless pack of monkeys the world has ever seen - Monkey Thieves is their story. Filmed from the monkey’s POV, we see the world as they see it. This series mixes incredible stories of monkey cunning and their hilarious escapades with the Jaipur humans’ attempts to tackle these parasitic trouble-makers.



A New Dawn
Tarak is found dead and Kamal now faces the prospect of leading the Galta Gang. Zamir tries to attack the temple again but is finally caught by the monkey catcher. New babies are born into the Galta Gang, but in the city Zamir has also left a legacy - twins! There's double trouble on the horizon...
Apartment Job
A fruitful break-in puts food on the table but ends in disaster when one of the troop gets a huge shock on an electricity pylon.
Fang's Market
A raid on the city fruit market seems like easy pickings until a rival gang appears, lead by the meanest macaque in Jaipur.
Heroes and Villains
Esha gets lost and Kavi finds his way back to the Galta gang at last. Zamir’s army attacks the Temple and Tarak is seriously injured in the battle.
Monkey Catcher
After a food raid goes wrong the monkey catcher strikes and a handful of the gang are captured and taken away in his van.
Monsoon Showdown
The monsoon finally breaks signalling the end of the drought and the beginning of a season of plenty; monkeys and people all celebrate.
One Bad Apple
As India’s government clamps down on marauding macaques in the capital, Delhi, the troublemaker Zamir steals ice cream from a child, which brings the country’s leading monkey catcher racing back to Jaipur.
Return of the Rebel
Cunning Zamir finds himself a new troop to join, while little Kavi is prepared for release back onto Jaipur’s streets.
Rising Forces
Policing langurs patrol Delhi’s streets and the Holi festival of colour interrupts Zamir’s attempt to take over control of Galta temple.
Skid Row
The drought means the monkey troop are facing starvation, but they are saved in the nick of time when a devout Hindu brings them bagfuls of fruit and treats.
Taxi Raid
The captured monkeys are released in the unknown wilderness while the rest of the gang target a car full of shopping.
The Great Escape
Kavi is released and disappears into the city, and Zamir and his new gang raid an office. The monkey catcher traps the troop’s alpha male, Vasu, leaving Zamir set for leadership.
Trading Places
Zamir and his new troop raid a jewellery store and break into a hotel store room leading to a run-in with little Kavi who becomes the troop’s latest recruit.
An Unlikely Hero
Queen Rani hits the end of the line when she finally comes face to face with arch enemy Zamir. Bipin and the splinter troop lap up the good life at their new market home until a group of rivals darken their door. And Jaipur’s wedding season explodes with passion – but will wedding bells ring for a Galta Gang groom?
Beggar's Banquet
It’s Tuesday, and Rani and the Galta Gang elite are homeless in Jaipur now that a gang of langurs has taken over their beloved temple home. Kamal is not proving to be a strong leader and will need to toughen up if the gang are to survive on the dangerous streets. The monkey catcher is training a new team of recruits to help him trap more monkey thieves but out of respect to Hanuman he won’t catch them on a Tuesday so the macaques are safe today. At a roadside truck stop north of the city, Zamir’s luck runs out and he gets trapped in the back of a lorry heading to the Pink City. His life in the country was a primate paradise but now that paradise is lost.
Colour & Calamity
In the Indian city of Jaipur, things go from bad to worse for Queen Rani and her rhesus macaque troop. Her alpha male, Kamal, has been captured by monkey catchers; her baby son, Teejay, is missing; and she’s lost her beloved temple home to the langur army. She’s homeless, hungry and vulnerable on the city streets. To make matters worse, no-one seems to have time for monkeys at the moment. It is Jaipur’s annual elephant festival and the great grey giants get all the attention. The elephant festival gives way to Holi, the spectacular Indian festival of colour. As the streets turn every colour of the rainbow, Rani has no idea her old enemy Zamir is back in town and on her trail. And tragedy strikes at animal clinic Help In Suffering when baby Teejay dies.
Cops & Robbers
The Galta Gang get on the wrong side of the law when Binita grabs a policeman’s radio and Esha turns a tailor’s world upside down and steals his turbans. But worse is yet to come, a truck arrives in the city carrying an unexpected stowaway. Galta gang renegade Zamir is back in Jaipur.
In the Indian city of Jaipur, prospects for Queen Rani and her troop begin to pick up. Their old enemy Zamir has rejoined the gang and it is soon clear that he is leading them back towards their old temple home at Galta. Langur sentries stand guard at Galta Temple but devious Zamir leads his troop quietly round the back and in through an unguarded window. He launches an attack and chases the surprised langurs back to the forest. Rani’s beloved temple is hers to call home once more. As the suns sets over Jaipur, the future is unpredictable for all the city’s monkeys. Bipin, Yash and Tito have made their home in a peaceful market paradise but the monkey catcher still has them under close surveillance. At animal clinic Help in Suffering, attempts to release the orphan macaques to a life of freedom have failed and they are back behind cage bars. Zamir’s dream of being lord of Galta Temple has come true at last, but it won’t be the last battle he’ll have to fight. Only one thing is certain. Jaipur will always have Monkey Thieves.
Divided We Stand
For the past few months Jaipur’s Galta Gang have managed to keep their lives pretty much in the balance. But as the world-wide economy plummets one troop of wild-living rhesus macaques are about to pay the price for their luxury lifestyle. The Galta Gang now face a big problem. Not only is there less food on offer at the temple, as the troop numbers expand there are also more mouths to feed. The little food that is offered by pilgrims is seized by Rani, Kamal and her immediate family, a sign that friction and a divide in the troop has already started. It’s a time where friendships are challenged; lives placed on the line and family bonds tested to the limit.
Drug Raid
Kamal makes a last ditch attempt to salvage his reputation by leading a daring hospital raid, the race is on to try and save electric shock victim little Teejay, and Galta Gang renegade Zamir finally gets a breakthrough in his quest to find Rani and his old troop.
Hard Times
After being banished from their temple home, Bipin and the Galta Gang splinter group struggle to survive in Jaipurs city streets. Just when it looks like they’ve found the perfect place to call home, they get the shock of their lives. A brand new breed of lawman is patrolling the city looking for monkey troublemakers – and he has Bipin and co in his sights.
Home Hunters
Bipin and the Splinter group may have hit the jackpot in the search for a new home when they discover a busy fruit market. Rani and the Galta gang elite think they’ve discovered a new territory too, the central park. But it may not be all it seems. The park is the overlapping territory of two huge gangs. The Galta Gang elite have stumbled into a battleground.
Missing In Action
The Galta Gang’s arch enemy Zamir homes in on his former family – but gets an unwelcome reception from some unexpected faces. Troop leader Kamal finally proves to Queen Rani he can strike gold...but is he biting off more than he can chew, and little lost Teejay searches for his mum but pays a heavy price in his bid to find her.
Searching For Sanctuary
Rani and the Galta Gang hierarchy continue to capitalise on temple handout but it’s back to school for Bipin and the splinter group exiles as they head for the safety of the suburbs. But just as their chances of finding a new base begin to fall apart, a ray of hope suddenly appears on the horizon.
Street Life
As food offerings at Jaipur’s Galta Temple all but dry up Rani, Kamal and their troop are forced to leave their temple home unprotected and look for food on the city streets. Galta Gang exiles Bipin, Yash and Tito are finding street life a breeze but Rani’s troop have a close encounter with the monkey catcher that sends them hot-footing it back home. But back at the temple Kamal’s role as alpha male is put to the test when he’s confronted by an army of huge langurs.
Urban Exile
The splinter group has to try every trick in the book to find food as Jaipur city center is overrun with Langur monkeys. A baby monkey fights for its life as cracks from within threaten to tear the Galta Gang elite apart. And in a faraway forest, a face from the past makes a grand reappearance, master monkey thief Zamir.
Allied Forces
Bipin and Tito join forces with a bachelor gang, while the leaderless Galta Gang allow the langurs to move in and take over the entire temple.
Arrested Development
Peace finally reigns at Galta temple as a new alpha male is crowned, but the tranquility may not last long as Bipin and the twins’ troop edge closer to the temple walls.
Bad Boys
Things suddenly look up for Bipin as his heroic actions following a bungled house raid don’t go unnoticed by the twins’ terrorizing troop.
Coming Of Age
Bipin, Yash and Tito finally reach the age when they can start families of their own, but overstep the mark and are ejected from the troop.
Gate Crashers
The twins’ troop gate crash a children’s birthday party, causing the city monkey catcher to launch a bold campaign to banish the tear-a-ways for good.
Last Man Standing
The Gangaur Marriage Festival sees Jaipur alive with celebration, and with love also in the air, Bipin and Tito try their luck with the palace garden females.
Like Father, Like Sons
Bipin and the terrorizing twins’ troop go head-to-head with the Galta Gang, but a dark force neither group had counted on, takes sides to even up the score.
Low Life
Abandoned by his only friend, Bipin is forced to walk Jaipur’s city streets alone, but a chance run-in with twins’ troop sets to change his life forever.
Paradise Lost
Bipin, Yash and Tito avoid the city the monkey catcher by heading into the countryside, but the rural life lacks excitement and also hides some unexpected dangers.
Royal Retreat
Queen Rani disappears, and tension bubbling over the past few weeks hits boiling point, as the up-and-coming Galta Gang males challenge Zamir’s authority.
Sweet Revenge
The monkey-catcher goes undercover in order to capture the unruly twins, while Bipin, Yash and Tito think they’ve finally found the new home they’ve been searching for.
Three's A Crowd
Childhood buddies Bipin, Yash and Tito continue to make inroads at Jaipur’s central fruit market, but a betrayal soon costs them their friendship.
Zamir's Legacy
Zamir’s estranged twins, Gangol and Ragin, cause untold mayhem on the city streets, proving they’ve inherited the worst of their father’s bad-boy genes.