Hope For Wildlife

Mother Nature can be cruel, and when man and nature collide, wildlife never wins. Hope Swinimer, her staff, and her volunteers rescue, rehabilitate, and release thousands of animals each year, all while struggling to make ends meet. Hope For Wildlife is an emotionally charged look at what goes wrong when humans encroach on the natural environment. Not every animal can be saved. Tough choices must be made. There isn’t always a happy ending, but there is always Hope.



A Bright Spot
We get a behind-the-scenes look at the care, cleaning and feeding of the creatures at Hope for Wildlife. One pesky patient refuses to leave the rehab.
A New Hope
Hope rescues, rehabilitates and releases more than a thousand wild animals every year. It’s hard, dirty work. She couldn’t do it without an army of volunteers. As winter melts into spring, Hope releases the last of her deer herd. But one little fawn doesn’t want to go back to the wild.
Chase The Seal
Everyone is in love with the newest arrival at Hope for Wildlife. But baby seals have never brought anything but heartbreak to the rehab. And two beautiful birds arrive with little hope for survival.
A little fox with big health problems needs multiple surgeries to survive. Four rehabbed raptors leave Hope for Wildlife – but only two return to the wild.
Deerly Beloved
It is a time of celebration and reflection at Hope for Wildlife. Doctor Barry ties the knot. Another eagle needs life-or-death surgery Hope’s year comes full circle as she releases the deer that arrived as tiny fawns in the spring.
Ester The Moose
Hope’s first moose arrives under mysterious circumstances. But this patient is wrapped up in red tape. Hope needs to cut through the bureaucracy to save this endangered animal. And a spring’s first fawns flood the rehab.
Foxes In The Henhouse
A school project goes terribly wrong. A dozen tiny lives hang in the balance as Hope fights to save a clutch of chicks trapped in their shells. Kim searches for another litter of fox pups left orphaned and alone.
Hope needs every spare moment to prepare for her most important fundraiser of the year. But Mother Nature has other plans. The spring baby boom begins early and Hope is up to her neck in orphaned raccoons and squirrels; the youngest owl Hope has ever seen presents a special challenge and an American icon goes under the knife.
Open House
It’s Hope’s annual open house, one of the most important days of the year. To make the wildlife rehab ready for the general public, Hope must release dozens of rehabilitated patients. Two volunteers discover just how wild wildlife can get. And a violent storm threatens to ruin the big event.
Outbreak: Part One
A long-term patient takes an important step in its recovery. But Hope won’t be celebrating for long. A mysterious illness is sweeping through the rehab. It’s killing dozens of animals and hundreds more lives are on the line.
Outbreak: Part Two
The diagnosis is in. Hope must take drastic measures to prevent the outbreak from spreading across the entire rehab. Terrible, heart-wrenching decisions must be made to save Hope for Wildlife.
Hope and her team scramble to rescue a litter of orphaned fox pups. Their mother is dead. One pup has been killed already. Hope faces a tough decision about an owl that could be carrying a disease deadly to humans.
Saying Goodbye
Hope says goodbye to two of her most celebrated patients. The volunteers grapple with the grim reality of wildlife rehabilitation.
Call Of Duty
An eagle falls out of the nest and into the middle of military maneuvers. There’s more trouble for Hope’s fawns. And Tiffany takes on an attic-full of songbirds.
Chester And Wilson
As more and more orphans flood the rehab, Hope revisits the case of two long-term patients. Tough choices must be made. A unique creature finds a new home on the rehab.
Deer Friends
The annual flood of fawns sweeps the rehab. Dr Barry gives sweet relief to a pigeon’s personal problem. And an animal stuck in an automobile has Hope rolling up her sleeves and getting greasy.
Earl, Meet Ralph
A huge storm blows an unusual patient off-course and straight into Hope for Wildlife. Not even international boundaries can keep Hope from returning him to his home.
Hope Renewed
Hope is taking on more animals and more responsibilities than ever. But there are concerns about Hope’s own health. This time she’s the patient.
Hope's Notes
Never-before-seen scenes from two years of Hope’s greatest stories!
I Like Turtles
An old volunteer comes back. Hope rescues an endangered orphan. And when all seems lost for one patient – there’s a miracle on the half shell.
Murder Of Crows
The rehab staff is thrilled to release six young ravens – but horrified when they are immediately attacked. Two tiny orphans fight for their lives. And six stinky skunks steal the staff’s hearts.
Of Beaks And Buckshot
Someone’s taken aim at a bald eagle – it needs Hope’s help. A small, but potentially-lethal patient has Hope and the team on their toes.
Second Chances
An old patient gets a second chance on life. Doctor Barry struggles to save a pregnant porcupine. And Hope goes to hospital for surgery.
The Blushing Bride
Allison brings her work home with her and feathers fly at her wedding. While Hope and Allison are away, half a dozen orphans make a break for it.
Wasn't That A Party?
Hope’s Open House is bigger and better than ever. But more people mean more challenges. The volunteers are scrambling to get everything in order.
Wiley And Sly
The hunt is on for a coyote who doesn’t turn out to be what people think he is. Hope needs to find a new home for the ravens – who’ve worn out their welcome at the rehab.
Hope and Dr. Barry travel across the continent to learn about rehabilitating bears. Soon, they’ve got their hands full wrangling five baby black bears.
Coast To Coast
Hope and Allison’s quest to expand their rehab knowledge takes them to San Diego, California. How do the rehabs here handle huge caseloads and dangerous animals?
Education & Inspiration
Allison and Barry try to shampoo a porcupine. An old patient returns for its release. And some big news thrills the volunteers.
First Fawns
The first fawn of the year arrives at the rehab – but Hope’s worried it might be the last. Hope decides the fate of a bald eagle. Two volunteers plan to make rehab a lifelong commitment.
For The Birds
Hope wants to learn everything she can from a rehab that specializes in birds of prey. But Hope’s worried when a release goes sideways.
Hope Goes Hollywood
Hope and Allison want more experience with pelicans - so they head to sunny southern California. When they arrive, a rockstar rescuer takes them under his wing.
Hope Springs Eternal
A new year and more challenges than ever for Hope! Hope cares for the first two beavers ever at the rehab. And Hope learns the fate of her most famous patient.
Howdy, Hope!
Hope and Barry saddle up and head to Texas. They discover that not everybody agrees on the best ways to help wildlife.
Later Alligator
Hope and Barry find themselves face to face with ‘gators, tortoises and stunning seabirds when they explore wildlife rehab in Southwest Florida.
Seal Of Approval
Hope and Barry discover the secret of rehabilitating seals from the experts at the Vancouver Aquarium. And an escape at the rehab has the volunteers launching a search and rescue operation.
The Hope Files
Even more incredible stories of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation!
Turn, Turn, Turn
Autumn brings the Open House and incredible releases. A long-term patient is snared up in red tape. And Hope hears huge news that will change everything.
Unlikely Recruits
Ordinary people find themselves in the middle of wildlife emergencies. Hope recruits an unlikely wildlife rescuer.
Bear Necessities
Something big and brown is headed to Hope For Wildlife. But this black bear is tied up in red tape.
Big City Hope
Hope heads to Canada’s biggest city and hits the streets with a full-time wildlife rescue team!
Call Me Maybe
A daring deer rescue is captured on cell phone camera. An unlikely volunteer makes a repeat performance.
Hope For Marine Life Part 1
The first baby mammal of the year arrives earlier than ever. But this species has never brought anything but heartbreak to Hope for Wildlife.
Hope For Marine Life Part 2
Spring blossoms into full swing as Hope struggles to save a seal for the first time.
Howl For Nightlife
Hope discovers a mysterious predator prowling the streets of a giant metropolis.
Monkey 101
Hope and Dr. Barry journey to Central America to meet front line wildlife rescuers in the jungles of Costa Rica!
Phases, Stages & Changes
Hope gets hurt – but life at the rehab must go on. An artist is inspired by Hope For Wildlife. An owl gets a nasty welcome back to the wild.
Power & Primates
Hope and Dr. Barry’s adventure in Coast Rica continues. They discover a horrifying problem where man and monkey cross paths.
Shubie & Kayla
A new volunteer and a rascal raven become roommates at the rehab. People take wildlife as pets, causing problems for Hope.
The Swan's Song
A beautiful bird is in trouble – but is it wildlife? Spring patients are ready to return to the wild.
Windy City Hope
Hope journeys to Chicago to fight a problem that kills millions of birds each year.
Winter Is Coming
The rehab is abuzz as Hope’s open house approaches. A release at the birthplace of hockey goes offside. A deer doesn’t want to depart.
A Very Precious Thing
Two tiny orphans struggle to survive. Hope takes a second swing at a release gone wrong.
Day In The Life
Two beavers need emergency lodging. Life on the rehab through the eyes of a volunteer.
Ghost On A Wing
Hope rallies the team to release the herd of white tailed deer. Winter brings a mysterious influx of snowy owls to the rehab.
Give & Take
A bobcat kitten needs Hope’s help. This little orphan causes big headaches.
Hello Beautiful
A moose on the loose raises a ruckus. A permanent resident becomes a loveable nuisance. Some special guests have a treat for Hope’s volunteers.
Home & Abroad
Barry and Hayley’s adventure in the UK continues at a rehab using the latest in alternative therapies. Hope for Wildlife expands beyond Hope’s tiny farm.
Hope For All Seasons
The mercury drops, but things keep heating up for Hope. An elusive creature is caught on tape. An impaled gull inspires a dramatic rescue.
Hope For Humanity
Hope revisits a completely- rebuilt rehab and reveals plans of her own. Hope and Barry discover a problem plaguing massive marine mammals in the warm waters of Southern Florida.
Just Another Day
A dark day descends on Hope for Wildlife. A rare owl appears ready for release – but will it fly?
Open Hearts
Preparations for Hope’s open house are derailed when a patient goes missing. The big event is more popular than ever – but is it too successful for its own good?
Shot In The Dark
A most unusual fawn arrives on Hope’s doorstep. A graveyard is the spooky setting for an unlikely reunion.
Spring Forward
Hope’s busy season arrives sooner than ever. A rehabber comes to visit Hope. Two patients from last year are finally released.
The Fox and the ‘Hog
Two members of Hope’s team travel to England, discovering new techniques and making allies on the front lines of animal rescue.