Dog’s Best Friend

We’ve all seen the quirky tabloid photos of dogs befriending turtles, elephants and birds. Dog's Best Friend captures the cutest of these uncanny canine acquaintances. Each episode tells the stories of different “odd couple” pairings from the animal world, reminding us that friendships come in all shapes and sizes!



Abby & Bonedigger and Annabelle & Louise
A feisty daschund named Abby is the dearest friend of a Barbary lion named Bonedigger. Then, a trained bird dog named Annabelle stops in her tracks for a one of a kind Eurasian owl named Louise.
Biggie, Yogi & Occie and Forrest & Leonard
It’s a happy hang-ten behind a North Carolina Surf shop where a lonely peking duck found an unlikely friend in not only one dog, but two! Biggie the duck has found friends for life with Yogi the Corgi and Occy the English Retriever. Then, Forrest the miracle goat not only finds his legs, but a magical new friendship with a barn cat named Leonard.
Carlisle & The Cheetahs and Brownie & Purple
A golden lab is the constant companion and calming force for the cheetahs at the Columbus zoo. Then, a playful puggle likes to snuggle with a rabbit named Purple.
Cuate & Vanda and Lovebug, Mojo & Poppi
A rescue dog from Mexico becomes leader of the pack and best friend for life to an Arctic wolf. Then, three unique amigos hailing from the farthest corners of the earth have come together in Southern Florida to form a most unlikely posse.
Hondo & Mateo and Crooked Bill & the Minis
A German shepherd on a 5-acre family-run farm has chosen the new kid on the block as his closest friend – a coatimundi named Mateo. Then, over in New Hampshire, a grounded Canada Goose discovered in a back yard chicken coop, is rescued and moved to a sanctuary where he discovered his two besties for life, two miniature horses named Sassy and Winnie Minnie.
Hot Shot & Newt and Henry & Tink
In Texas, a rough and tumble blue heeler, known for his dominance, shows a surprising softer side for a baby deer found on the side of the road. Then, while most cats and dogs are at each other’s throats, Tink the 2-legged daschund and Henry the 3-legged cat make for prrrfect companions.
Moona & Saffira and Sugar & Lulu
A squirrel-chasing Dutch Sheppard makes a special exception for his best friend and favorite playmate, a ferret named Moona. Then, a baby deer looking for companionship finds solace and adoring friendship in an orphaned lamb.
Roscoe & Suriya and Anakin & Booth
An orangutan finds a BFF in a stray dog and 5 years later both are thriving throuh their unexpected companionship. Booth the Brittany Spaniel might chase the ducks, avoid the parrots, but for the past 7 years, he has protected a 13 year old falcon named Anakin.
Sabre & Fanny and Macy & Priscilla
A weimaraner hunting dog is the towering protector and playful pal to a little guinea pig named Fanny. Then, when an outcast coyote pup is ignored by her pack, she finds friendship and her confidence through play with a young bobcat.
Tiber & Thunder and Chance & Wesley
A high energy hound meets his match and finds the ideal playmate in a tiger cub named Thunder. In Oklahoma, a pit-bull develops a tender bond with a 2-tonne steer.
Titan & Indie and Maya & the Dolphins
A guard dog who protects an 80 acre horse farm, becomes best friend and guardian to a frail quarter horse. Then a golden retriever goes over board with her dolphin friends in the Florida Keys.
Tommy & Humphrey and Jake & Roo
A frail donkey gets a second chance and a friend for life, thanks to his giant pal, Humphrey the Arabian Camel. A street dog left for dead in the Middle East, beats the odds and finds friendship across the world with a Canadian dog who welcomes him into the pack.