Baby Planet

Baby Planet shows that there is a future for the world's endangered species - a future that rests on the shoulders of animal mothers and the dedicated people who look after them and their babies.



Diverting The Course Of Nature
Keepers struggle to save sixteen hunting dog puppies after their mother dies. We go home with a rejected Barbary lion cub where she finds a new canine companion, and see how a baby White-cheeked gibbon keeps staff guessing about its gender. In South Africa, abandoned Wattled crane eggs are put in an incubator in an effort to save this threatened species.
Human Intervention
Travel to Australia to see the huge efforts needed to save flying fox mums and babies from a deadly paralysis, and watch as a vet carefully removes a baby zebra’s umbilical cord. We reveal how keepers successfully changed the way they keep Rothschild’s giraffes, but still have to step in to bottle-feed a youngster. We share people’s sadness at an elephant stillbirth and elation when another healthy elephant calf is born.
Maternal Instinct
Find out how a female rhino’s natural caution protects her baby and spend time with a baby kangaroo who was rejected by his mother so she could carry on breeding. A mother Amur leopard gets angry when her cubs are taken away for their vaccinations, and we meet two orangutan mums whose maternal instincts help them bring their babies up in just the right way.
On Nature's Maternity Ward
A Lowland gorilla surprises everyone by becoming pregnant at a late age. An aardvark causes chaos during her pre-natal exam, and a Malayan tapir keeps everyone guessing about her due date. See how two Striped hyena cubs are hand-reared after their mother rejects them, then travel to the USA, where it’s third time lucky when a nervous warthog mum finally overcomes her terror of piglets.
Saving Species
Follow along during the long-awaited birth of a baby Giant panda, and see her through the first months of her life. An abandoned baby manatee is encouraged to feed by a much older male, then she must be left behind when he is released back into the wild. We spend time with three big cat cubs who sadly can never be released, but will play a big part in educating people about their species. We witness the caesarian birth of a baby Gelada baboon, and show how he flourishes, despite being abused by his mother.